Westworld (Season One) – Review

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Westworld – Season One!

I’ve heard some pretty good things about this show, mainly for its storyline and visuals, so I was intrigued and decided to watch it! 🙂 


Created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy




The show is centred around a western style theme park, where rich people can come to visit this park to interact and become involved with the park’s residents. Within these walls we see two types of storylines – one is the lives of the robots (called ‘the hosts’ in the show) and the second is that of the humans living/working to sustain this theme park.


The style of the show is definitely beautiful, very minimalistic and clean-cut. Seeing as its a sci-fi show, the futuristic look gives it an extra creepy effect combined with Ramin Djawadi’s stunning theme songs. (Check out the Westworld – Opening Titles here!)

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