LEGION – Season One – Chapters 2-5 Review

WARNING: SPOILERS for LEGION (FX) – Season 1: Chapters 2-5! 

So I didn’t get around to reviewing the episode week by week, so I’m writing this down as a whole compilation from Episode Two all the way to Episode Five! 🙂

With only three more episodes to go, I’m psyched and also sad already that this show is going to be ending with a finale!


Created by Noah Hawley

This show, since the first day I saw it, has been mind-blowing and the past couple of episodes that we’ve gotten so far have been such a delight to watch! You just can’t keep your eyes off of it!

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LEGION – Season One (Chapter One) Review

WARNING: SPOILERS for LEGION (FX) – Season 1 – Chapter One (Episode 1)! 

I got the chance to watch the first episode of MARVEL STUDIOS and FX’s new show, LEGION! Here’s my review & thoughts about it! 


Created by Noah Hawley

Overall Experience: ✭✭✭✭ 5/5 STARS

LEGION is a about a mutant named David Haller who was diagnosed with a mental illness at a young age. Put in a psychiatric institution, one day he meets another patient,  that changes his view forever and makes him question reality vs what’s just inside his head.


I absolutely loved the first episode! It was exactly as I imagined it from the trailers/TV spots that I watched and I adore the style the creators have used to approach this show.
I’m not familiar with the original source of the show, but I have watched all of the X-Men movies that came out and am a huge fan of MARVEL’s movies/tv shows, so this was a real treat to watch! Continue reading