The Mummy (2017) – Review

The Mummy (2017)

Directed by Alex Kurtzman

Overall Experience: ✭✭✭ 3/5 STARS


Oh boy… That had been my first reaction after seeing this movie’s trailer. I wasn’t sure if I’ll enjoy this movie, but I wanted to like it – I like the old classic monsters and also the previous movie with the same title, The Mummy (1999).

I’m still not quite convinced even after watching the movie. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hated it, I wasn’t too impressed. There were some scenes that were funny, but overall I felt a bit of a disconnect. The first opening scene was pretty cool, cause I love any ancient Egyptian scenes in movies.

However I felt like the movie was missing a few scenes. I personally would have probably liked to see the main character, Nick Morton (played by Tom Cruise – probably needs a recast), have a flashback or more scenes of mischief before actually venturing into the plot. And all the other characters felt a little flat for me – I couldn’t quite connect with them emotionally. The only one I felt particularly sorry for was the Egyptian princess, Ahmanet (played by Sofia Boutella) and that guy who got bitten by a spider and turned undead. So yeah, perhaps it was the lack of humor in the movie that turned me off. On the bright side though, in spite of the script, the acting is pretty solid – I thought the woman that Nick Morton is with, Jenny, was cool in her own way (she is played by Annabelle Wallis, who I first saw in BBC’s Peak Blinders and is quite lovely in the show).

What I did like about this movie though is how they were trying to create a sort of cinematic universe of their own (like the Marvel cinematic universe) with the classic Monsters, by introducing Dr. Jekyll (played by Russell Crowe). While I’m not really sure if the casting for Tom Cruise was right, Russel Crowe playing Dr. Jekyll / Hyde was awesome to watch! That I would love to see more in the future.

Overall, I wouldn’t go so far to say I’d like to watch this movie again. However as a summer flick, it was enjoyable enough. Curious to see how the new ‘Dark Universe’ will come together though…! (I heard they are not including Dracula Untold in the universe though, which is a darn shame cause I personally loved that movie.)


If you’re a fan of movies like this, you might enjoy:

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Dracula Untold (2014; Gary Shore)
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Penny Dreadful (TV – 2014-16; Created by John Logan)


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