Spiderman: Homecoming – Review

Spiderman: Homecoming

Directed by Jon Watts

Overall Experience: ✭✭✭✭ 4/5 STARS

I went to see this movie with two expectations – 1) that I hopefully have a good time and 2) it’s got that Marvel flare of great action, humor and awe! And fortunately, like Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, I was not disappointed!

I really enjoyed it, esp. since I’ve been watching all the Spiderman movies since the first one came out in 2002 (starring Tobey Maguire)! I actually quite liked Spiderman but was a bit disheartened by the movies that didn’t quite strike that level of freshness after Spiderman 2, so coming out of this movie with a huge grin on my face was I think a very good sign.

I loved Tom Holland’s performance as Spiderman, I think he was really cute, charming and funny! Plus, the humor was fantastic – this is what I love about the Marvel movies (they always manage to make me smile no matter what character it is)! The sidekick was really cute too!

The addition of Iron Man in the movie was a really cool plus too – he is one of my favorite Avengers (and the first movie that got me really hooked on Marvel’s Phase One – I did watch all the old ones like Daredevil, Spiderman, but I think Iron Man was the one I really couldn’t stop watching!) so to see him again once more on the screen after last year’s Captain America: Civil War was a delight! (I suppose especially after that movie, haha, but I won’t spoil anything here!)

I think the presence of Tony as his ‘mentor’, kind of, was a good buildup to how far the young Spiderman / Peter Parker would go to do the right thing. The whole speech was hard but the scenes after made me chuckle so much! (Tony and Pepper, haha! They are back again – Be steady my heart, I’m such a huge fan of these two!)

I also thought it was nice that the villain wasn’t one of those characters that you can completely dislike. You kind of felt for him even though he was doing all these bad things, because Peter knows that the father was selling weapons to keep up roof over his family’s head.

I’m hoping we get a chance to see more of Peter with MJ though, that might have been one of my favorite parts of the movie – they didn’t force the romance as much like in the other Spiderman sequels. Another minor adjustment was the part where they didn’t make such a big deal about the spider bite, which made me laugh!

I’m curious how this Spiderman got his powers though – I’m still not completely sure if he has super powers cause it looks like he relies on his suits a lot, and they do show a scene of the ‘web fluid’. He does seem to have super strength, more so than a normal high school kid. I may have missed something, but I was if this meant he was able to create his own webs? Or did he just find ways to create a ‘web fluid’ and started going out fighting crimes as Spiderman? Hopefully we get more flashback scenes of how Tony got a whiff of Peter Parker (don’t know if they will, but it’d definitely be nice!) 🙂

The after credits was funny too, with Captain America and his school instructional videos! I’m also glad the villain actually had some good in him – he didn’t reveal Peter Parker’s identity.

Aunt May is in for a big surprise with the reveal of him being Spiderman!

The overall experience I had watching this movie was super positive! I have high hopes for the sequel and I’m looking forward to seeing Spiderman in the Avengers: Infinity War! That is going to be a tough match with Thanos, I’m sure!

So next week, Netflix’s The Defenders is out! 😀 I cannot even begin to express my giddiness for this team of eclectic abilities! 😀 I’m going to review them next week! 


If you’re a fan of movies like this, you might enjoy:

Spiderman (2002) and Spiderman (2004) – Sam Raimi
Charlie Bartlett (2007; Jon Poll) – Robert Downey Jr is in it! 😀
Back to the Future (1985; Robert Zemeckis)
Deadpool (2016; Tim Miller) – R-rated, but the concept of the guy in the mask is similar to Spiderman! 😛


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