Limetown – Podcast Review

Limetown (Podcast)

Created by TwoUpProductions (directed by Zack Akers and produced by Skip Bronkie)

Starring Voices: Annie-Sage Whitehurst and more

Overall Experience: ✭✭✭✭ 4/5 STARS

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Be warned! 

I jumped into Limetown partly because I was feeling the loss after listening to Homecoming, a podcast that I was listening to recently which was very entertaining and had me reeling at the end. (I’ll post a review later! 😉 So I was craving a similar type of mystery/thriller fiction. And in Limetown, I got exactly that.

There are six episodes of Limetown, sometimes with a few short segments in between episodes that are like small extras/bonuses to go together with the story. I thought that was neat and added more excitement to the story. I kept listening to each episode after I got hooked on the first one.

It follows the story of Lia Haddock (played by Annie-Sage Whitehurst, who does a great job) and she is an investigative journalist looking into the strange disappearance of a townspeople in a place called Limetown.

When I listened to the podcast, I was quickly immersed into the story because I wanted to find out more about what had happened. If this were a TV show or movie, I’d say it was like listening to an episode of X-Files. It probably has a similar distinction to Twin Peaks as well, since the first half of the show is actually advertising it as well, but unfortunately I haven’t seen the TV show yet (I’m planning to, with the new TV show out now!) so I can’t completely relate with it… yet! 😛

It’s got an edgy feeling to it and some parts made me jump, especially since it was literally like listening to a scary audio buzzing inside of your ears (which was part of the fun and excitement!)

I think what got me really intrigued the most was not the first question that came to mind where Lia is asking the survivors, or citizens of Limetown, the question all the listeners are probably trying to ask in the beginning – “Where did everyone go? How did they do it?”

The show digs deeper and makes you wonder with each episode and rewards you for sticking with it as you get answers. I thought the story with the pig and the Reverend was touching, it got me close to tears. Plus, Deidre’s explanation about the structure of the Limetown was fascinating. It was interesting to listen to how everyone having the technology, the implant in the brain that allows the citizens of Limetown to hear other people’s thoughts and feelings, versus the ones who don’t have it start to group themselves apart.

Overall, I thought it was a really awesome podcast that quenched my thirst after getting a taste of my first true experience with podcasts fully! I definitely recommend this podcast, it’s got a very great cast of voices and the story will lure you in with each episodes.

Season 2?
I read on a post by the original creators of this show that a prequel in the form of a book is in the works, along with a TV show, so I am excited to see the development. Looks like Season 2 of the podcast version has not set-date for release nor info about going into production yet though, so I’m a bit sad about that but hopefully we’ll be able to get one soon!


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  • Under the Dome (TV Show – Created by Brian K. Vaughn)
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  • Black Mirror (TV Show – Created by Charlie Brooker)

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