LEGION – Season One – Chapter 5 – 8 Review

WARNING: SPOILERS for LEGION (FX) – Season 1: Chapters 5 through 8! 

Created by Noah Hawley

So this review is very belated, so I’ll get right into it! I just couldn’t resist watching all the episodes each week cause this show is just so good! (And I ended up not reviewing cause life took a bit of a toll on me, le sigh.)

Episode 6 for me, where they are living and believing their altered realities in the Clockwork Asylum scene, was a necessary filler, I knew that. But my brain, after watching Episode 5, was impatient – I think I wanted to see all of them get out but instead we had a repeat of Episode 1, which isn’t a bad thing. I kind of wanted things to speed up.

So when Episode 7 came on, where Oliver starts helping everyone and then Cary starts saving his crew, I was relieved!

Oh I love that the Shadow King can hypnotize people with the sound of crickets though, haha! Her sexy victory dance in the form of Lenny was just as disturbing but entertaining to watch, I didn’t expect to see that in the episode and the one thing I loved about Episode 6.

David meeting another David, a more calmer and logical side of him (and haha! A British David! Or should we say the Downton Abbey version of himself?) explain things for him in a more concise way was neat. I loved how the creators of this show experimented and had fun with so many things on this show that made it unique and fascinating to watch, and this was one of them. I can easily imagine David having another part of him (maybe even more than one part of himself) speaking out to him on occasion. I wish I had one that actually spoke to me like this, hehe!

I quite relate with Oliver on a number of levels, including his comment about ‘daylight savings’ literally meaning ‘saving daylight’, lol!

I don’t get The Eye’s fixation on Kerry though, it was pretty creepy. I actually didn’t quite understand why The Eye died the way he did either – I almost felt sorry for the guy. He was awful and creepy and just not nice, but I feel like he must have had a backstory to him and we never quite got the chance to see it. Perhaps it wasn’t important, but still I’m a whee bit annoyed.

And Rudy, oh Rudy… I am sorry you had to die such a sad and heartbreaking death! Even though he wasn’t such a major character in the show – he could have been, all things considered (he could move things with his mind, like David could after all! I love how he flung doors and inanimate heavy objects like it was some old candy he found stuck on his shirt and needed to dispose of). But at least he had a cool departure at the end.

My gosh though, I have to salute Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza for their amazing performances. They are my favourite characters in this show – watching Dan Stevens play David the way he does – fragile yet confident, and yet not quite so, caring and yet crazy. I love it! The truth about him finding about his past was heartbreaking. The editing melted through seamlessly and it just emphasises his performance even more.

The Shadow King is just super ugly though in real form, lol. Aubrey Plaza plays such a crazy, quirky, funny and sexy Shadow King in comparison and I’m just drawn to her wickedness. Especially the scene in Episode 7 with the black and white old film, she was so scary. And I thought the Angriest Boy Alive was frightening enough – oh no, Aubrey Plaza’s Lenny was menacing here.

I loved the backstory for the guy, Clark, from Division 3 with the third degree burns. I was sad to see him go in the first episode, so I was pleasantly surprised by his return. His epic recovery and mission montage was cool.

I’m not sure if I actually mentioned the quirky score for this show. It reminds of this UK show I watched called C4’s Utopia, where the scoring is jumpy and kind of like something that came out of a kid’s tv show but.. creepier.

And the way the show switches from widescreen and then slowly creeps in the black bars was fun to watch! It really gave me a dimensional hallucination kind of, like I couldn’t completely put a footing on what was real or not by doing that.

I almost feel sad that she still isn’t a part of David anymore, cause maybe then we might have been able to see more of the meld between David/Shadow King, and yet at the same time I’m all for Oliver/Shadow King! Bring it on! 

I can’t wait to see Season 2 – the finale of this show has left me kind of hysterical and screaming internally cause – oh my gosh! The Devil with the Yellow Eyes (Shadow King or Farouk) is going to be a formidable opponent in the next season as well. He kind of reminds me of Voldemort from Harry Potter in the first book, where he has no body after being destroyed. And now he’s got a better body, albeit not as great as David’s cause of his powers and all. I can just imagine him totally giving everyone an inception moment, with each scene just being a huge mind fuck, lol!

A huge part of me though is also screaming cause I feel really sorry for Melanie as well cause, my gosh, she’s been waiting forever to be reunited with Oliver and just when he remembers her he is taken over by the SHADOW KING!!! (insert scream here).


I’m especially happy that Division 3 isn’t all bad… or so I thought until that weird flying machine thing took David away like he was a pokemon and put him inside of the silver pokeball. o_O

Also, totally curious why David keeps wearing t-shirts with triangle shapes on them. Is there a meaning behind it, I wonder? In the last scene, he’s wearing a triangle with two sides but in the previous episode he was wearing just one triangle. 😛

Anyways, thank you for reading my review! I can’t wait!!!!


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If you liked LEGION and want to see more shows like this, here’s a few you might like:
  • Utopia – Season 1 & 2 (Channel 4, Created by Dennis Kelly) – The music and style is similar!
  • Misfits (E4, Created by Howard Overman) – The characters all get shot by a bolt of lightning and then get powers.
  • Jessica Jones (Netflix – MARVEL, Created by Melissa Rosenberg) – The theme is darker than Legion, but it features a main character with a power. The editing style in episode one is similar to Legion.
  • Pushing Daisies (ABC, Created by Bryan Fuller) – The storyline about the guy falling in love with a girl and then not being able to touch her is similar. Also the quirkiness of each episode reminds me of Legion as well.

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