LEGION – Season One – Chapters 2-5 Review

WARNING: SPOILERS for LEGION (FX) – Season 1: Chapters 2-5! 

So I didn’t get around to reviewing the episode week by week, so I’m writing this down as a whole compilation from Episode Two all the way to Episode Five! 🙂

With only three more episodes to go, I’m psyched and also sad already that this show is going to be ending with a finale!


Created by Noah Hawley

This show, since the first day I saw it, has been mind-blowing and the past couple of episodes that we’ve gotten so far have been such a delight to watch! You just can’t keep your eyes off of it!

What I love about this show and the episodes that we got so far is how we can never be quite sure of what’s going on – you’re rooting for David to gain access to more of his powers, because as a viewer you want to see him be able to use those cool powers. It’s satisfying, for me, to see him learn what he is capable of.
And at the same time you’re terrified about his well-being, worried he might actually go dark-side with too much power on his hands and/or just plain crazy and he’s maybe- just maybe- still in the loony bin. Either way, the whole episode revolves around the team that ‘rescued’ him trying to figure him out.

So far, we’ve found out that David can:

1) Read minds/thoughts

2) Teleport
3) Project himself outside of his body
4) Create different worlds/places inside his m
5) Telekinesis
Syd’s relationship with David grows with each episode and I am liking them as a couple – I feel happy for them. It’s great to see that David has someone he can rely on, especially after he finds out that his sister is taken. I think Syd’s character development and her connection with David makes all of the episodes more compelling. I’m intrigued by her powers too. It would be nice if we get a chance to see a flashback of her memories/past as well and how she got to the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital.
Like in the first episode, the graphics are really amazing! I especially loved how they showed him teleport through different places (there’s a small humor element to it which I like too)!
The editing is so fantastic – the transitions between the mindscape scenes of David’s brain when the team go into his mind was brilliant and fun!
The color scheme too is well-thought through and specific. The red is accentuated a lot in the scenes for when David is feeling danger and scared.
It’s so neat that all the interiors, the music and even the costumes are sort of old-school 1960’s – somehow it makes the show’s overall sense of style less clean-cut – like it’s not happening in our century but the technology they are using are pretty advanced. Maybe that’s what’s pleasantly refreshing about it; that it brings back something old and makes it seem new again!

The fear / horror element of some scenes, especially with the yellow-eyed creature makes me jump! The Angriest Boy in the World scares me as well – the book, by far- is the worst kind of book to read to a child (heh!).

With episode five out, they revealed the identity of the Yellow-Eyed creature as Lenny, the former dead girl / roommate / friend. Lenny, played by Aubrey Plazais doing such a fantastic and creepy job of portraying Lenny. And now you can tell just how disturbed she (it?) is. I’m excited to see what happens next in Episode 6 – it’s definitely nothing pleasant for sure, with what seems to be in store for the team.

My question now is why she is treating David this way – they call her a parasite, so if that’S the case, now I’m curious as to how she got there in the first place. What is her motive? Does she want to protect David in her own twisted way? Or is she just using her host to plot horrible things? Is she like the Joker – wanting to create only chaos just for the fun of it?

Also, in episode 4 we get to see Melanie’s husband – trapped in his little ice block. David briefly meets him when he is trapped inside his own mind. I wonder what will happen if he wakes up and how he will connect in this storyline.

The other team members are pretty cool as well, with very neat powers! Here’s the list:

  • Wallace (the guy who appears in the first episode with the dashing hat) can manipulate/relive memories and keep a perfect record of them in his head.
  • Cary (the scientist) and Kerry (the girl who likes fights a lot) are actually two selves of one whole.
    • Cary is the original and Kerry can leave his body and become an entity of her own self (Melanie pointed out that she doesn’t age unless she’s out of Cary’s body, which is pretty cool!)
  • Rudy (also appears in the first pilot but doesn’t seem to play a big role in the show except to be the muscle of the team) can use telekinesis to move things with his mind

Which comes down to another conversation about the other villain, The Eye! Hopefully we get to see a back-story about him and his intentions for wanting side with the bad guys. What are his ambitions? Was Melanie and Oliver Bird (the man in the diving suit and Melanie’s comatose husband) the reason behind why he went bad? Or was he always like that from the start?

So many questions – so little answers! We’ve got three more episodes to go though, so hopefully there’s more answers than questions that will come rising into the surface! 🙂 Can’t wait to watch Episode 6!


Thank you for reading my review!

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