Doctor Strange – Review


Doctor Strange – Movie Review (Youtube)

Here’s my movie review on Doctor Strange! Please check it out! 

Created by Scott Derrickson

Overall Experience: ✭✭✭✭ 4/5 STARS
3D or No 3D: No 3D is better (scenes appeared blurred & darkened)


Doctor Strange is about a well-renown neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange, who gets into a car accident and loses his ability to use his hands to continue his practice. Arrogant and self-centred by nature, he does everything in his power to heal his hands but he finds something more than he had bargained for. He is thrust into a world of mystic arts and magic, wherein he learns that there are dark forces brewing to take over his world.

I watched the movie with the expectation that I will be seeing another great MARVEL adventure, and I was not definitely disappointed! The storyline was fun, the visuals were vibrant, the editing was superb and the music matched really well with the flow of the movie.

I watched this movie mainly for a few things – MARVEL, the editing style, visuals, Benedict Cumberbatch. And I think they were all very well done!

Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Dr. Stephen Strange was fun to watch. His character is arrogant at first and later after losing almost everything – money, power, love – his downward spiral finally leads him to go on a journey to trace a healer in Kathmandu, Nepal. The character development between the first part of the scene until the movie is quite evident and you’re in for a fun roller-coaster ride with him. You feel like you learn the mystic arts with Strange and feel his desperation, yet you can’t completely root for him in the first scene because he’s just not a lovable guy, lol!

Also for Kaecilius, a former student of the Ancient One, played by Mads Mikkelsen, is a straight-cut villain in the movie. His philosophy makes sense too, to an extent (where he believes humanity’s lives are short and this can be changed with Dormammu’s help). My personal thought was that his character would have been even more interesting to watch on screen if he was given more screen time to show his backstory, as he mentions that he lost his family and he went in search for answers and power because of this. The broken relationship between the Ancient One and the conversations that occur in the movie may have been a bit more compelling.

Also, the parallels between Stephen Strange and Kaecilius are hinted in the movie, making the relationship between Stephen and the former student. But alas, we don’t get to see this and unfortunately the main villain’s background story seems somewhat too dry and straightforward. Perhaps Marvel didn’t want to invest the viewers attention to Kaecilius, but I think this may have further given me a deeper sense of connection as to why relying on the dark dimension and Dormammu’s power was alluring. Alas, that was not to be… yet the humor involved in a few scenes that makes up for that somewhat, I suppose.

The big villain, Dormammu, in the the movie wasn’t as impressive to me perhaps because of this. I think Marvel did this on purpose, maybe, but I personally didn’t think he was menacing enough. He is the main villain in the movie, talked about only by name until the final reveal in the movie, so maybe I had expected a grand finale or battle I think.

Which brings me to the part about the finale – I thought the ending was pretty cool, with the bit where Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to trick Dormammu into being trapped in the time loop, forcing Dormammu to retreat and taking the other zealots with him. (Poor Kaecilius and the other zealots are turned into charred cripsy humans )

Also Mordo (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor)… he’s a complex character. You would assume at first he’s gonna be Stephen Strange’s sidekick through the entire movie, which he is most times, but then there’s a twist. That, I thought, was fascinating. Throughout the movie, Mordo keeps saying ‘The bill comes due…’ and there will be a reckoning eventually for not following the rules. I just hadn’t imagined how – ironically enough, from the looks of the end credits, it will be Mordo himself who will be striking down all those who break the rules of nature.

Some really impressive scenes within the movie was where Stephen Strange arrives in Kathmandu and then the Ancient One throws him into a visionary trip (trippy? :P) to show him her powers. It was really cool but disturbing too, which made it fun to watch. Also my favorite scenes are of Wong, the  librarian within the three sanctums (where Stephen Strange trains with the Ancient One and Mordo) is listening to Beyonce (after Stephen Strange mentions it as a joke in a previous conversation) or the fight scene with Kaecilius and Stephen Strange. The part where Stephen is fighting one of the zealots while being out of his body was really cool!


– Hands – There are two main scenes of Stephen Strange washing his hands that I thought was a great character development: first scene was Stephen as a successful and skilled neurosurgeon, second is the scene where his hands are not completely healed but he’s now become skilled in the mystic arts. Also, I think it’s fun to see that they showed him washing his hands in these two scenes as well, because it looks like the second scene is almost like he’s washing away his past self and starting anew.

– Watch – This one’s an obvious one I suppose! The movie is about time, the relation between the past, present and the future too so I can see why they repeated scenes of Doctor Strange and his watch.

If you’re a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, here’s a few awesome recommendations:
Sherlock (BBC, Season 1, 2, 3 and 4, Created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat)
Imitation Game (Directed by Morten Tyldum)
Star Trek: Into Darkness (Directed by J. J. Abrams)
Third Star (Directed by Hattie Dalton)

Also, this is a video I took of the Toho Cinemas merchandise area for Doctor Strange! 😛 Lol They are selling kaleidoscopes! XD How appropriate!


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