Westworld (Season One) – Review

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Westworld – Season One!

I’ve heard some pretty good things about this show, mainly for its storyline and visuals, so I was intrigued and decided to watch it! 🙂 


Created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy




The show is centred around a western style theme park, where rich people can come to visit this park to interact and become involved with the park’s residents. Within these walls we see two types of storylines – one is the lives of the robots (called ‘the hosts’ in the show) and the second is that of the humans living/working to sustain this theme park.


The style of the show is definitely beautiful, very minimalistic and clean-cut. Seeing as its a sci-fi show, the futuristic look gives it an extra creepy effect combined with Ramin Djawadi’s stunning theme songs. (Check out the Westworld – Opening Titles here!)

The soundtrack gives the show an extra spark of caution, a call for adventure and an allure that pulls you in with the gorgeous visuals. I especially love how ominous it sounds, while other tracks like The Rolling Stones cover, Paint it Black are exciting to hear and watch with the clips put together! 

What makes this show also unique is that it’s set within a few boundaries, due to the theme park setting. The fact that the story is restricted as a western makes it interesting too, because then its not spread out too much – the creators of the show can focus on this theme and the characters within the park, its intricate set of rules and the building itself – which also is like a character in the sense that it traps all of the hosts inside. 

Personally, I’ve never really gotten into western movies because I’ve always seen comedic parodies of it, but this show makes me want to watch more western movies! 

The actors do a marvellous job at portraying their characters as well! The ensemble includes Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Ben Barnes, Luke Hemsworth and more! 

It’s an exciting series to watch and the sophistication close to this scale is not seen every day – I think this is another big win for HBO, who’s done so well with another book-to-TV adaptation, Game of Thrones.

The visual effects are amazing and the acting is superb as well. The plot twists in some episodes were unexpected, which was really shocking sometimes and exciting because it’s not every day I feel surprised – maybe because I’ve seen too many movies/tv shows, I can tend to guess what’s going to happen. But not quite in this show! 

The first episode set a very good tone to the feel of the show and it pulls you in, giving you an overall understanding of how the theme park works.
We start off with one of our main characters, Dolores, but we don’t completely comprehend what this show is going to be about – only that the hosts need to save themselves from their ‘loops’. As viewers, we root for their survival and hope they are freed from their imprisonment once we quickly realise that they are trapped to live the same story over and over again. We get a chance to see through Dolores’s point of view, and the contradictory quote she mentions from the start and finish of the episode.

The malfunctions that happen to some of the hosts, especially to Dolores’s first father Abernathy, is quite tragic. 

There were some scenes that put me off, mostly the nudity, sex and violence. But as the theme is western and the show’s network is HBO, I understand why it’s included within this show. It’s definitely R-rated for sure. Sometimes I think though they use these elements to bring viewers back to watch another episode, like with Game of Thrones.

Overall, this show is really fantastic and I’m excited to see what Season 2 is going to bring next and pick up where the show left off! 



If you can’t get enough of Westworld, I’d recommend these shows to watch! 

  • Dollhouse – Season 1 & 2 (FOX, Created by Joss Whedon)
  • Humans (AMC, Channel 4 – Ongoing, Created by Sam Vincent)


Westworld reminded me of two shows – one was called Dollhouse and another called Humans.

Dollhouse is a US show and Humans is a UK show, so there are some different set of styles here, as well as the networks its connected to. Westworld definitely delves into some dark themes though. 

The differences between Westworld and Dollhouse is that this show is about copying various character profiles into actual human beings, versus the show Westworld is about artificial intelligence, technology and the possibility of consciousness/humanity existing within these robots (hosts). 

Humans, which explores various characters living in the real futuristic world, is quite similar to Westworld because it focuses on robots who start to feel human. Except they are living outside, integrated within every city and the story is more open because its not within a theme park. 

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