LEGION – Season One (Chapter One) Review

WARNING: SPOILERS for LEGION (FX) – Season 1 – Chapter One (Episode 1)! 

I got the chance to watch the first episode of MARVEL STUDIOS and FX’s new show, LEGION! Here’s my review & thoughts about it! 


Created by Noah Hawley

Overall Experience: ✭✭✭✭ 5/5 STARS

LEGION is a about a mutant named David Haller who was diagnosed with a mental illness at a young age. Put in a psychiatric institution, one day he meets another patient,  that changes his view forever and makes him question reality vs what’s just inside his head.


I absolutely loved the first episode! It was exactly as I imagined it from the trailers/TV spots that I watched and I adore the style the creators have used to approach this show.
I’m not familiar with the original source of the show, but I have watched all of the X-Men movies that came out and am a huge fan of MARVEL’s movies/tv shows, so this was a real treat to watch!
The actors are superb, with huge kudos to Dan Stevens, who plays ‘David Haller’. I saw him in Downton Abbey a long time ago as Matthew Crawley, absolutely loved him and then later in another movie called, The Guest (which is fantastic – reminded me of Drive for some reason). 
The style of the show with the 1960’s look for the buildings and the outfits were fascinating, as it seemed to give an eerie and quirky look to the psychiatric institutions that David is incarcerated in. 

Combined with the music score, the show gives off this feeling of discomfort and thrill, all twined together. Plus I loved the cinematography of the show – I can see each scene was crafted to be woven together so well and the movement of the camera is smartly catching the movement of the actor’s performance. The color usage too was fun to watch.
The emphasis on the editing especially was really great, I loved how they used it to make you think twice about what the main character actually believes and sees, versus what is or had actually happened.

The first episode was fun to watch – it starts off first by introducing David’s life as a young man, how he’s always been ‘special’ and misunderstood – and later we step into the psychiatric institution, where David lives and spends his time with his friend, Lenny. One day, a new patient called Syd Barrett joins the facility and then he falls in love with her – the newcomer, however, harbours a secret that could change David’s on his sense of crazy (in which he thinks he hears voices in his head and can move things using his mind) vs reality (where he is just a mentally ill person who tried to kill himself).
The flashback scenes are used to go back and forth between an interview session (or rather an interrogation) between some shady people and then scenes where David is explaining what had happened to Syd. It really pulled me in because it made me want to know more!

I quite adored the romance between David and Syd, it was really cute and funny! The dancing scene especially an odd/quirky and it was great cause it was another rather loopy insight into David’s mind. The interactions between Lenny was sweet too, so I was relieved to see that she didn’t quite die all the way – she still exists in David, although I’m not too sure if she’s actually there to help or simply there to be another voice in David’s head.
I wonder what the symbolism was for the wooden dog statue the other shady guy (the one who wasn’t interviewing David) is… I hope we get to find out about that. Oh and the red cage, very mysterious indeed! 😛 

The ending was intense too, cause after following David’s view of the world and his story about Syd’s disappearance, how he switched places with her, it was like a breath of fresh air because now you – as an audience – can see that David isn’t crazy and the things he’s seen and heard are not all in his head.

The devil with the yellow eyes is frightening but I’m excited to find out more about what this creature/person is in David’s mind – if he even knows who he is, that is. I have a feeling the yellow eyed man may not be the villain he is made out to be in his dreams/visions – maybe in David’s mind he is a bad man taking this form of deformity. But then again, I might be reading into it too deeply. 😛
I’m eager to see what happens next in the 2nd episode – now we get to see David’s full potential (I hope, lol!) and what the conspiracy is between the shady people with no name (still) and the mutant group with their leader, Melanie.

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